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Love the app and all the news

Com’ C’ Com Saa......

I concur.

Top Buzz App

I love ❤️ this app it helps me to keep up with the latest news...

Dont get no better than top buzz!

Iv had this app for awhile now and i freakin love it im a top buzz ADDICT!!! So many different storys and news from all over its # 1 on my list!!


Best news app ever

Bast app Eva

This app is da best If you download it make Sure u follow me at: Coconokwal

Top Buzx

Love the paranormal articles as I used to live with a ghost when I was moving out he said “I don’t like this” I said to bad and kept vacuuming I could tell stories all day long lived there 22 years

I laugh a lot

Laughter doeth good like medicine


TopBuzz is one of the most racist websites, I’ve posted comments on stories that wasn’t even political and I received hateful derogatory insults replied to my account and good luck trying to report this awful behavior because the editors isn’t going to do anything about it. TopBuzz is the only website that allows racist to use the N-word and allows others to harass you. I’m completely done with this app and I’m going to make sure to spread the message about TopBuzz online so people can avoid this app. I’m warning anyone who can read my reply please do not download this app, and furthermore when you file a complaint against someone the staff totally ignore your message and you will never get a response back. I’ve done everything that has been asked of me including taking screenshots of the racist trolls who was harassing me and never got a response back from TopBuzz security team. Also I keep getting calls from racist trolls who must have hacked into TopBuzz firewall and stole people information threatening my family lives. I bet you TopBuzz will not even have enough dignity to respond back to my review. Like I’ve said please avoid this app!!!!


Every day, every hour something to make me laugh or cry. Love the animals and babies! Never sorry I have the app.


This app is great, I love seeing the different varieties of videos of all sorts I also love the religious content that this app provides not only is it entertaining but it is also educational I have learned a lot it replaces many hours of tv


Top buzz is full of good and interesting information.

Always up to date

Love it because information is always current.

I enjoyed

Thank you very much





Awesome app love it

Great app lots of news and stories

Sandy Hayes

I love T B. I watch every day and enjoy jokes and animals especially Dogs that AR rescued

Top Buzz

it’s veey educational I enjoy most of the information that this top buzz puts out I give more then a couple of stars it’s great love it.......❤️😊


I love looking at all the videos it’s great I’m always on here I tell all my family in friends about now I have them looking at this also

Love this app but...

Love this app but sometimes I feel some of the articles are Race baiting and we could use less of that. I do love 90% of the articles.


He’s not going to actually make it because well as I keep saying Watergate two is coming very soon and it’s huge. If you read The bill that’s been shared on the Internet about how he going to be impeached and then tried for treason. Because besides working with the dictator to allow Germany to infiltrate our military but he bought a whole wing in his hotel and other very expensive moves to get my money. That’s why am here because they want to take all my money it’s a lot. And they all are and he as the president has me here holding me hostage and taking my money. If he’s the president don’t say sorry to me I’m sorry all of you. Oh why don’t censor myself, father people had the balls to actually use my name I probably wouldn’t be in this mess. He sensors me they censor me so nobody can find me and it becomes official US citizen with this big human rights case of abuse coming from what the innocent country? No it’s getting really bad and they’re trying to cover up of course the Middle East is getting attacked and hundreds of people are dying because he’s lying but he doesn’t care. Don’t worry though you had to know that there would be some legal industry out there that would not be for sale and would stand and help the people and they will

Right on time always and quick!

I love to get on here and find out what’s happening quick




But no option for HD

Top buzz is garbage !

Download this app if you want to se a bunch of repetitive, negative, reruns from the internet.


I love TopBuzz so much! It’s a really great way to spend my time sometimes so I use it whenever I can

This game is AMAZING!

I rate this five stars for sure. It is 99 percent child friendly, just don’t go searching for stuff.


Some things are too negative


Needs a search bar.

Really getting tired of yalls liberal agenda

You guys are pushing it! Almost ready to drop you! You aren’t putting news out their without swaying to left! 😢

If you Really Want To Know!!!!

I’m a new comer to. TopBuzz and I find it very interesting anc up to date with news from around the world . Keep the good work up good job good job

Great entertainment

Good variety of countless videos.


Banning accounts for no reason. Don’t play. Suspend without explanation


I don’t watch televisions news, so TopBuzz is an excellent source to get the news; I can read what I’m interested in locally, nationally, as well as globally. I enjoy TopBuzz.


Why is it this app hasn’t been developed to rotate? I love the app, but I use an iPad Pro 12.9, but i can’t use the app in landscape mode.

Jersey girl 518

Luv this app! Always first with the gossip and news Luv, luv

Top Buzz is great

I have had too buzz for sometime now and I am enjoying the articles Thank You Robin

Top Buzz

I love to receive all of the most current info from Top Buzz. I have learned many different things that I wouldn’t know without Top Buzz. And I continue to learn more all of the time.

Great App

It’s a Must Have

Great Stuff

I love the videos and like to share them. But I rated only 3 because I almost always have trouble getting them to play. This may be a problem with my provider or device, but it’s very frustrating because I’d like to see more of the great stuff available. 🙇‍♀️


Very entertaining and great videos.

Nice app

I like the name of the app, the functionality is good. Enjoying the capabilities of not having to have an account and still be able to use it since I don’t have any social media accounts.


Love the app. I loved it much better when I got to play Beat the Q, so whatever happened to the game? I really think you guys should bring it back, or at least tell me what happened to it.



Woh! 😟

One time I responded to a post that said “How should I come out for being LGBT to my parents?” And said I was bisexual and did not know how. A few minutes later, every three posts on my “for you” page were about LGBT rights/questions. Please stop!! XD

“Awesome app”

Love this APP it’s informative,entertaining & just mind blowing the things u read about! I also love the fact this app has so many different articles covering all topics of our life’s before and after...and I can’t forget the fact that I get lost in all the information hours pass by seeming like minutes! This app has to be one of the Best Ones I’ve ever came across definitely my go to kill time!!!🙊🙉🙈

TopBuzz review

I enjoy reading and watching the material on TopBuzz but I do find a lot of repetition in the postings under different headings at different times. A stronger effort is also needed in eliminating those things are not true , nonetheless it is entertaining


Muy buena aplicación, me hace reír con todos sus chistes y videos

  • send link to app