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It sucks u cant use it in landscape mode only portrait I am deleting the app

Poor topics

Topics were disgusting. Poor choice for news reporting.

Landscape mode

Cannot be view in landscape mode on an ipad


Not interesting at all


Just another liberal news hack

News master

This is bull crap. Loaded app then it want me to turn around and load another. Dont do it.

Gets better the more you use it

This app seems to be in its early days, but I have high hopes. The standardizing of all articles in terms of font and formatting is great. The content DEFINITELY is customizing for me over time. I just hope more top content providers start showing up on my feed. Very cool though...


Just received a push saying that 86 killed in France! Thought theres a new terrier attack! But come on, this is just a click-bait title, same attack in Nice last week! You cant cheat on users like this! Immediately uninstall it.

Extreme Political Bias-mainly editorial not not news.

On todays top news, 6 anti-Trump and nothing on Clinton. Only shows how you feel not reporting all news. Change name to EditorialDaily


really great!better than other news app


Hope you like to sort through ads!!!

Why not change the icon?

Why not change the icon?

Top Buzz

Downloaded it, check it out very strange, watched a couple of videos, no sound, half the page was comments. Waste of time.


I cant get the sound to work!!!!


Another left wing rag. Dont waste your space.


Nice App


I am really happy to be on this! It tells me whats going wrong before I send my kids out for school and I go places

The inquirer of news apps

Every now and then there is a good story to find on this app but its mostly grocery tabloid crap and is definitely geared towards a mindless liberal democrat mind and more distortion of the truth


Worst news app ever.

Love it

I love this news app. Its my ofavorite. I read it first every morning. Works great on my iPhone 6s

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